Easyfix Foam and EPDM Draught Excluders

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Sometimes the best forms of insulation are the simplest. Draught Excluders that compress on contact with a closing door or window, forming an airtight barrier, are cost effective and simple to fit. Estimate or measure the size of the gap and use a suitable foam or EPDM strip that sticks to the frame.

For insulation that also needs to be waterproof there are Weatherseals, suitable for boats and other exposed situations.

Where windows slide, bristles allow lateral movement whilst maintaining a seal.

All of the Easyfix DIY foams, EPDM and Bristles come in coils and are easy to install onto a clean surface.

Common uses

  • Insulating door frames
  • Insulating window frames
  • Insulation for sliding panels

Suitable for

  • Sash and casement windows
  • Boat hatches and other watertight requirements
  • Internal and external doors

Key benefits

  • Heat insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Choice of sizes for different size gaps