Carpet and Laminate Edging

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Metal Carpet and Laminate edgings are strong, long lasting strips made from aluminium and finished with either an attractive anodised colour or tough foil surface. There are many styles to suit joints, edges or steps, with different levels of drop depending on the height differential to be bridged. The profiles are ribbed and toothed as appropriate with drilled holes and screws where needed or adhesive tape.

Carpet Metals come in Gold or Silver colours, in either doorway or longer trade widths for cutting to size. There are profiles for carpet to vinyl, tile, felt, other carpet or just a plain edge. Matwells and stairs can also be edged.

Laminate Edgings also provide for edging to different floor heights and surfaces, but each allow for expansion and contraction of the wood or laminate, as atmospheric conditions and temperatures change through the day. The adhesive Cover Strips include wood effect finishes on a foil surface.

Common uses

  • Joint cover in doorways
  • Expansion joints for wood and laminate
  • Edging in wardrobe doorways

Suitable for

  • All carpets to other materials
  • Wooden and laminate floors 7-8mm
  • Stairs and matwells

Key benefits

  • Strong aluminium
  • Attractive shiny anodised finish
  • Doorway or longer trade lengths available