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2mm Greenhouse Panes 608x608mm
4 x 0.37m2
7 Packs
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About Our Easyfix Garden Products

Easyfix supply several garden products in handy kits.

The Cloches come in two sizes, to accommodate either 3 or 5 standard seed trays (790 x 390mm or 1190 x 390mm). They have rigid PVC joints and edgings for push fit assembly, using ultra strong Polycarbonate sheets. Suitable for flatpacking when not in use, the lid can be lifted for watering, the sheets are UV protected and they can be used season after season.

"Unbreakable" greenhouse panes are polycarbonate sheets in packs of 4 x 608mm square panes, each 2mm thick. These can be used using existing clips and fittings and are glass clear but half the weight and 200 times stronger. Ideal for greenhouses at risk from storms and vandals.

The Wigwam Climber Frames use rot-proof PVC tubes in sets with drilled holes, so they can be used for make frames for plants to climb. Simply stick into the ground and cable tie together, reusing year after year. There are two sizes, for either head-height growth or pots and borders.

The Rot Proof Trellis uses the same PVC tubes in a set containing 5 poles with cross members. The trellis can be easily attached to a wall or fence, for pretty displays.

All kits contain suitable components and instructions.

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