Plastic Angles

Plastic Angles are used as beading, corner protection and trimming in many industrial applications and locations such as schools, hospitals, offices, and nursing homes. By just sticking them to a plastered wall corner, any passing post trolley, school bag or wheelchair will hit the Angle rather than mark the decoration or damage the plaster.

PVC Angles can be installed using Double Sided Tape, making installation with the instant grab adhesive quick, clean and easy. Visit our Self Adhesive Plastic Angles for further information.

In the most popular sizes, chose from a selection of 12 different Coloured Plastic Angles. All of our Coloured PVC Angle Trims are manufactured using RAL approved colour matches, check out the RAL references for each colour here. If you have a specific branding requirement using a RAL colour not available, call the Sales team today.

See the video for details of the different angles, sizes and colours that we supply.