LED Mounting Profiles

The LED Mounting profiles are two part, in attractive designs that are suitable for hidden or visible fittings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but will require sealing with silicone or a similar material to be watertight.

Each of our designs has internal surfaces on which to attach the LED strip. Standard strips of 8-12mm wide generate little heat and are safe to use in all of the profiles, but extra wide high-wattage strips should be used with the Metal Muffin profile. White foam end stops, that allow thin wires to pass through, are available for most of the profiles.

LED's can be mounted on walls, stairs, cupboards or any similar flat clean surfaces. They can be installed using self adhesive tape, but it is best to add a couple of screws to guarantee permanent fixing. The design of the Muffin and Cupcake mountings means they work on the flat or mounted in a corner between two 90 degree surfaces.

Jointing is possible with care. A straight cut and a thin bead of clear silicone at the join are likely to give the best results.

If you are planning on recessing any 2 part profiles, or mounting in a corner, you need to allow for the jaws of the base expanding by approx 1mm to allow the diffuser to click into position. Once in place the jaws go back to their original position.

Please note that none of these profiles are able to be curved without it affecting the clipping together of the two parts. They should be used on straight surfaces only.

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ex VAT inc VAT
led cupcake mounting
PVC Cupcake Mounting
5 x 3m
7 Packs
£50.00 ex VAT£60.00 inc VAT
cupcake end stops
Cupcake End Stops
1 x 10
24 Bags
£8.00 ex VAT£9.60 inc VAT
led muffin mounting
PVC Muffin Mounting
White/White Frosted
5 x 3m
12 Packs
£40.00 ex VAT£48.00 inc VAT
muffin end stops
Muffin End Stops
1 x 10
94 Bags
£5.60 ex VAT£6.72 inc VAT
metal muffin led profile
Metal Muffin Mount
Alum/White Frosted
5 x 3m
50 Packs
£75.00 ex VAT£90.00 inc VAT
metal muffin end stops
Metal Muffin Stops
1 x 10
22 Bags
£9.00 ex VAT£10.80 inc VAT
led box mount profile
PVC Box Mount
10 x 3m
2 Packs
£68.00 ex VAT£81.60 inc VAT