Easyfix Stick Down Secondary Glazing

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Adhesive systems are quite straightforward to install and provide good insulation.

Designed for 2mm plastic sheet, the adhesive base of Easyglaze is stuck to the window surround, the sheet laid in place and the top part then push-clipped into position for a secure panel. The corners can be mitred to make a frame and the sheet can be removed for access to the outer window.

Filmglaze uses special heat-shrinking film that is stuck to the window with double sided tape. When applying gentle heat using a hairdryer, the film becomes taut to complete the insulation of the window. Ideal for lowest cost or temporary secondary glazing, for example in student accommodation or rented property.

Common uses

  • Student flats
  • Rented accommodation
  • Temporary one-winter insulation

Suitable for

  • Permanent installations
  • Low cost projects
  • 2mm plastic sheet

Key benefits

  • Very cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Immediate access to window