Easyfix Shower Seal

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4-6mm Blade Seal
5 x 1m
62 Packs
£35.20 ex VAT£42.24 inc VAT
4-6mm Bubble Seal
5 x 1m
27 Packs
£35.20 ex VAT£42.24 inc VAT
4-6mm Seal Mixed Pack
6 x 1m
5 Packs
£39.00 ex VAT£46.80 inc VAT

About Our Easyfix Shower Seal

Easyfix Shower Seals are push-fit clear channels for glass screens in baths designed to prevent water leaking onto the floor.
The Blade Seal has two flexible legs that protrude to divert runoff water inwards, and seal against the bath rim, to a maximum gap of 15mm.
The Bubble Seal has a rigid leg for water runoff, with a flexible bubble 7.5mm deep to seal that or smaller gaps against the edge of the bath.

The Shower Seals cut cleanly and easily to size and do not need adhesive to stay in place on glass between 4mm and 6mm in thickness.

Note that the Mixed Pack contains 3 lengths of each design.

easyfix diy shower seal
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