Plastic C, J and U Section Capping

Capping profiles are 3 sided Channels designed to fit over and hold onto boards, panels and glass. They usually have tapering legs which provide grip and are also known by common descriptions such as C, J and U Section. Most Capping is pushed onto the panel as a finish or trim, but some profiles are designed to be attached to a surface first and act as a guide or support for the panel that is then inserted.

Tubeway manufacture and stock Capping in many colours, pack sizes and in rigid and flexible material. They are stocked in sizes that relate to the most common board sizes.

Common uses

  • Board edge protection
  • Capping for graphic panels
  • Protection of kitchen kickboards

Suitable for

  • Cutting, drilling and bonding
  • Exhibitions and shopfitting
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Key benefits

  • Hides rough cut ends of boards
  • Protects board ends from moisture and swelling
  • Matching Jointing and Corners available