Flexible Hose

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ex VAT inc VAT
25mm flex hose
25mm Clear Reel
1 x 15m
90 Rolls
£52.20 ex VAT£62.64 inc VAT
19mm flex hose
19mm Clear Reel
1 x 15m
74 Rolls
£43.60 ex VAT£52.32 inc VAT
16mm flex hose
16mm Clear Reel
1 x 15m
77 Rolls
£40.00 ex VAT£48.00 inc VAT
12mm flex hose
12mm Clear Reel
1 x 30m
130 Rolls
£62.20 ex VAT£74.64 inc VAT
10mm flex hose
10mm Clear Reel
1 x 50m
33 Rolls
£47.80 ex VAT£57.36 inc VAT
8mm flex hose
8mm Clear Reel
1 x 50m
66 Rolls
£37.00 ex VAT£44.40 inc VAT
6mm flex hose
6mm Clear Reel
1 x 50m
32 Rolls
£33.80 ex VAT£40.56 inc VAT
5mm flex hose
5mm Clear Reel
1 x 50m
20 Rolls
£30.20 ex VAT£36.24 inc VAT
3mm flex hose
3mm Clear Reel
1 x 50m
55 Rolls
£25.80 ex VAT£30.96 inc VAT
12mm flex hose braided
12mm Braided Reel
1 x 30m
21 Rolls
£63.00 ex VAT£75.60 inc VAT
6mm braided flex hose
6mm Braided Reel
1 x 50m
28 Rolls
£49.20 ex VAT£59.04 inc VAT
Corrugated Hose
20mm Corrugated Roll
1 x 100m
55 Rolls
£60.00 ex VAT£72.00 inc VAT
Corrugated Hose
25mm Corrugated Roll
1 x 50m
61 Rolls
£40.00 ex VAT£48.00 inc VAT

About Our Flexible Hose

Tubeway stock a range of Flexible Hose, choose from a selection of Clear, Braided or Corrugated for a variety of indoor or outdoor uses. Available in a selection from 3 to 25mm, the clear and braided tube sizes are described by their bore or internal diameter. The flexible corrugated hose is measured as the outer diameter.

Clear & Braided
Flexible Tubes or Hose are used for granulated solids, gases and liquids in a variety of industries.
Clear tubes are quite soft and pliable and can be used with foodstuffs and potable liquids but only in non-pressure processes. The PVC material used has good clarity with low taint and odour, it is FDA/BGA compliant. The usable temperature range is -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.
Braided tubes are reinforced with polyester yarn making them suitable for use with compressed air and liquids. They have an operating temperature range of -5 to +60 degrees Celsius.
All of our Clear & Braided tubing is supplied on easy-to-use cardboard reels of 15, 30 or 50m.

Corrugated Hose
Known by other names such as Flexible Conduit and Corrugated Duct; Single wall Polypropylene hose is a solid all rounder for use both indoor and outdoor. The single wall corrugations make them easy to flex and bend, ideal for use with water butts, fish ponds or within voids and cavities. Made from rigid black Polpropylene the hose has a compression strength of approx. 250N allowing it to be buried or submerged in water.
The Coils are stocked in 20 and 25mm Outer Diameter sizes, supplied in loose coils of 100 and 50m respectively.

Flexible & Corrugated Hose

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