Filmglaze Secondary Glazing

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Filmglaze Small
Filmglaze Small
5 x 1.8m2
9 Packs
£24.40 ex VAT£29.28 inc VAT
Filmglaze Medium
Filmglaze Medium
5 x 4.5m2
18 Packs
£40.20 ex VAT£48.24 inc VAT
Filmglaze Large
Filmglaze Large
5 x 9m2
21 Packs
£56.40 ex VAT£67.68 inc VAT
Filmglaze S/A Tape
15 x 15
6 Bags
£26.40 ex VAT£31.68 inc VAT

About Our Filmglaze Secondary Glazing

Filmglaze is a low cost secondary glazing system that is easy to install with household tools.

The kits contain a sheet of special film, which is attached to the window frame with adhesive tape, then trimmed to size. A hair dryer is then used to warm the film which tightens it, trapping air behind it to insulate the window. It can be quickly removed for access to the window.

Filmglaze packs comprise 5 individual kits, with the following:
- Small packs each contain 1.5m x 1.2m of Film
- Medium packs contain 1.5m x 3m of Film
- Large packs contain 1.5m x 6m of Film

Packs also have the necessary self adhesive tape and surface preparation wipes to clean the window surround first.

Filmglaze is probably best regarded as a temporary insulation system, as the film cannot be removed without cutting it, and can be punctured by a sharp implement. See our other secondary glazing systems for more permanent solutions.

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