6mm Plastic EWI Reveal Bead with 100mm Mesh Fixing Pins 1 x 200 RPPINS

Suitable for Internal and External, Plastic Corner Beads provide a straight edge whilst also offering corner protection from impact. Strong and durable, Plastic Angle Beads prevent the spotting and leaching often seen with metal beads on internal plaster jobs. Plastic Bellcast beads provide impact protection whilst also deflecting rainwater from the render, providing a straight edge just above the Damp Proof Course (DPC). Strong and discreet these plastic drip beads will outlast all metal alternatives and can be used with all render types up to heavy sand and cement. Designed for function and speed, Plastic Stop Beads provide a clean neat finish to render at window and door frames on all external and internal rendering and plastering applications. Using a flexible PVC membrane Movement Joints allow for structural movement and thermal compression preventing render from cracking. These Plastic Movement Joints allow render movement of +/-2.5mm as certified by the BBA. Plastic Render Beads provide a great alternative to the traditional metal beads in both internal and external settings. Durable and long lasting, plastic beads do not corrode or rust like metal equivalents and are quick and easy to cut using tin snips, preventing the sharp metal edges that often lead to cuts. Recognised as setting the standard for quality and consistency. Compliant with all of the standards demanded by specifiers and the law. Sustainability - the only PVC bead company to submit to independent sustainability audits with an “Excellent” Ecopoint rating of 0.004. BBA certified. The only certified full render bead range including movement joints. Tested and certified to perform for at least 25 years.
Group 6mm Plastic EWI Reveal Bead with 100mm Mesh
Colour Fixing Pins
Pack / Unit 1 x 200
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