Magnetglaze Sash Jointing Kits

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Magnetglaze Sash 4mm
Nut Brown
46 Kits
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Magnetglaze Sash 4mm
38 Kits
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About Our Magnetglaze Sash Jointing Kits

Magnetglaze Sash 4mm kits are add-ons to the popular Magnetglaze and Magnetglaze Pro products, in addition to their respective Magnetglaze Extreme variations. The kits enable you to joint sheets for convenience while maintaining a thermal seal for effective heat and noise insulation. This prevents having an unwieldy panel and makes access for ventilation simple.

The Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty kit is suitable with 4mm thick sheet that is already edged with Magnetglaze, Magnetglaze Pro or Extreme variations. The jointing strips are rigid, and they use bristle seal to insulate the joint. Because of the extra thickness of the sheet and the rigid strip, the kit provides very effective insulation against large and draughty sash windows.

Each kit contains:
- 4 x 1.5m Jointing Strips in white or brown
- 12m of Bristle Seal, with 4 alcohol wipes
- 50 woodscrews and turnbutton clips

The turnbuttons are good anchors for a static sheet and reinforce the magnetic grip on particularly draughty windows.

Should you require Cut to Size Plastic Sheet to accompany your Magnetglaze Sash HD Kit, this, the kit and the associated magnetic fixing system can be ordered from our sister site:

MG Sash HD eLeaflet Apr2023

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